Office 2013 Activator Download Free for You 2022 – Updated

Office 2013 Activator is the latest office suite of Microsoft Office that is used to activate your Microsoft Office 2013. It is enhanced new options the newest interface of this software. It also helps a user to use this software as a standalone desktop package that will improve the user experience.

Office 2013 Activator Free for 2022 – Updated

Microsoft Office 2013 Activator is the new version of Microsoft Office. Microsoft has also launched its various versions but its every version has updated new features. In each later version, you will see the difference of application. It includes extended file format support and uses a user-friendly interface. This software program is designed for Windows operating systems.

Method 1: Use code

Step1: You visit

Step2: You copy the code above into a new text document

Step3: You save it as a batch file, name “Office2013.cmd”

Step4: You run the batch file as administrator

Done! You Office has been activated successfully. Please check the activation status again.

Method 2: Use tools

With this method you can activate Microsoft Office 2014 all versions :

Microsoft Toolkit .v2.6.4

Microsoft Toolkit is the best Microsoft Office 2013 Activator for you to activate Microsoft Windows and Office, includes Windows Vista, 7, Windows 8/ 10, and Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016


KMSPico is the most perfect Key Management Service activation method (since Vista) based on the universal automatic activator, it supports all editions of Microsoft Office & Windows (such as Windows 7/8/8.1/10; Office 2010, 2013, 2016; …). All you have to do is just one click to activate.

Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key Free for 2019 (Updated Keys List)

Microsoft office 2013 Features

Office 2013 introduces Click-To-Run 2.0 installation technology for all editions based on Microsoft App-V Version 5. Previously, only certain editions of Office 2010 were available with Click-To-Run 1.0 installer technology, which was based on App-V 4.x, where a separate Q drive was created and installed files of Office were isolated from the rest of the system, causing many Office add-ins to not be compatible.

With the newer Click-To-Run technology, Office 2013 installs files just like Windows Installer (MSI) to the Program Files directory. Retail versions of Office 2013 use the Click-to-Run installer. Volume-licensed versions use Windows Installer (MSI) technology. Some editions like Professional Plus are available in both retail (C2R) and volume (MSI) channels.

Other features of Office 2013 include:

  • Flatter look of the Ribbon interface and subtle animations when typing or selecting (Word and Excel)
  • A new visualization for scheduled tasks in Microsoft Outlook
  • Remodeled start screen
  • New graphical options in Word
  • Objects such as images can be freely moved; they snap to boundaries such as paragraph edges, document margin and or column boundaries
  • Supports embedding of Online picture support with content from, and Flickr (by default, only images in the public domain) to in replacement to the clipart gallery from previews office versions.
  • Ability to return to the last viewed or edited location in Word and PowerPoint
  • New slide designs, animations, and transitions in PowerPoint 2013
  • It supports and in Outlook
  • It supports integration with Skype, Yammer, and SkyDrive
  • IMAP special folders support
  • Starting with Office 2013, proofing tools are separately and freely downloadable without being bundled in Multilingual User Interface (MUI)/Multilanguage packs, Language Interface Packs (LIPs), or Single Language Packs (SLP).

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