How to Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10

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How to Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10

How to Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10

Here is a complete guide on how to disable Windows Defender for a successful install of KMSpico.

This guide has been updated. To find out how to disable Windows Security on Windows 10.

When trying to install KMS activators such as KMSpico & Microsoft Toolkit, you may receive warnings from Windows Defender (or even your antivirus software) informing you that the download is infected with “HackTool: Win32/AutoKMS”. This is nothing more than Microsoft attempting to prevent you from using a KMS activator to license your copy of Windows for free. There is a simple way to bypass these warnings and install your KMS activator successfully. Follow this guide, and we will show you how to disable Windows Defender.

Switch off Windows Defender in 5 steps

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to disable Windows Defender

  1. Open Windows Defender

    Click on the Start menu and type “defender” in the search box

  2. Go into the Settings

    In the main Windows Defender window, Click on the settings button (with the cog icon) in the top-right.

  3. Switch off Real Time Protection

    In the settings window look for the “Real Time Protection” option. Click on the toggle switch to disable it until next reboot.

  4. Install KMSpico / Microsoft Toolkit…etc

    Now is the time to download and install KMSpico, Microsoft Tookit..etc

  5. Optional: Permanently Disable Windows Defender

    If Windows Defender continues to warn you about the installation of your KMS software, an easy way to bypass this entirely is to add your C:\ to the exclusions list.

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How to Disable Windows Defender on Windows and Office Products – Tested / Verified / 100% Working method