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GTA Vice City Licence Key (2023) Free Download For PC

GTA Vice City 2024 License Key Overview:

GTA Vice City License Key: Vice City (also known as GTA: Vice City or simply Vice City) is a video game that belongs to the Grand Theft Auto series. It was released in 2002 for PlayStation 2 and in 2003 for Windows. The game is a prequel to Grand Theft Auto III (GTA III). A port for iOS and Android devices was released in 2012, on the game’s tenth anniversary.

Vice City was a commercial success, selling over ten million copies worldwide. The game’s graphics are similar to those of its predecessor, with only slight improvements. The game is set in the 1980s and captures the decade’s fashion, music, neon colors, and early-stage computer technology. The game also touches on political and social issues of the time.


The events of the game take place in 1986 and the protagonist is Tommy Vercetti (voiced by Ray Liotta). Tommy had served 15 years in prison for committing murders on behalf of Sonny Forelli, one of the Mafia bosses in Liberty City. After his release from prison, Sonny sends Tommy and two associates to Vice City to oversee a drug deal. However, the deal is ambushed by masked gangsters, resulting in the loss of the drugs and money and the death of Tommy’s companions. Sonny tasks Tommy with recovering the lost drugs.

In his pursuit of the stolen drugs, Tommy meets Lance Vance and together they discover that the cocaine dealer Ricardo Diaz was responsible for the robbery. They kill Diaz and take control of his assets, which enables Tommy to purchase property in Vice City.

Sonny then arrives in Vice City with the intention of expanding his empire. Tommy attempts to stop him, but Sonny takes control of his property. Tommy agrees to a meeting with Sonny at Diaz’s villa where he intends to pay off his debt and become an independent ruler of Vice City. However, during the meeting, Lance betrays Tommy and sides with Sonny, leading to a confrontation in which Tommy emerges victorious. With the help of his lawyer, Ken Rosenberg, Tommy is able to further expand his influence in Vice City.

Game Principles and Technology

Similar to other games in the GTA series, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City consists mainly of shooting and driving sequences. The player is given tasks to complete, which fall into three categories: main missions, side missions, and free play.

The police will react to the player’s criminal activities both in and outside of missions. As the player commits more crimes, more police officers and other units will start pursuing them.

The main missions are crucial to the game’s storyline and must be completed in a specific order. The player must visit various clients in the game world, where a short cutscene will describe the mission objective. The player must then use weapons and vehicles found in the game world or made available to them to complete the mission.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City follows the open-world principle, which allows the player to engage in various activities outside of missions. The player can intentionally commit crimes to attract police attention or simply explore the game world.


In the game, players can acquire real estate and fulfill orders related to it, and once all orders for a property are completed successfully, it generates protection money at regular intervals. A significant improvement from GTA III is that players can save their progress in a property, and depending on the price range, the property may also include one or more garages to park vehicles.

Players can also change their character’s clothing, but only from a limited selection of specified clothing combinations. This feature reduces the wanted level, which ranges from zero to a maximum of six stars, back to zero.

Additionally, players can now enter some buildings that were previously inaccessible, such as the Ocean View Hotel, mansion, and shopping center.

Side missions

In GTA Vice City, there are various side missions that are not part of the main plot and can be completed at any time. For instance, players can engage in collection missions to find hidden parcels, perform monster stunts by making long jumps with vehicles, or complete taxi missions by driving passengers to their desired destinations. These side missions do not have to be completed consecutively and can be resumed later.

However, fire, police, and ambulance missions cannot be interrupted and require players to complete a certain number of tasks, such as extinguishing fires or eliminating criminals. In addition to these missions, there is also a new side mission that involves delivering pizza on a moped.

To achieve 100% completion of the game, players must complete all side missions in addition to the main storyline. There are also subplots involving various other characters, such as real estate king Avery Carrington, Cuban gang leader Umberto Robina, and the rock band Love Fist. These missions are structured similarly to the main missions and provide additional content for players.

GTA Vice City Licence Key (2023) Free Download For PC

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GTA Vice City Crack is an open-world action-adventure video game that features various side missions, subplots, and collectibles, in addition to the main storyline. The game introduces several new features, such as the ability to acquire real estate and change clothes, and allows players to enter previously inaccessible buildings. To fully experience the game, players must complete all side missions and achieve 100% completion. The game can be played on a PC with minimum system requirements, but higher specifications may result in better performance and graphics.

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