YUMI-exFAT Crack + Portable Free Download for Windows

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YUMI-exFAT Crack + Portable Free Download for Windows

YUMI-exFAT (2024) Portale Download Full Version with Crack

YUMI-exFAT Crack is a program that helps you make a special USB stick called a Multiboot USB Flash Drive. This USB drive can hold many different things like various operating systems, antivirus tools, disc cloning stuff, and diagnostic tools all at once. It’s like having a bunch of useful computer tools in your pocket!

What’s neat about YUMI exFAT Crack is that it works differently than the older MultiBootISOs. Instead of using grub to start up ISO files from the USB directly, YUMI uses syslinux to start up things stored directly on the USB. YUMI can also switch to using Grub to boot up multiple ISO files straight from the USB if needed.

YUMI exFAT Portable is not messy like its older version, MultiBootISOs. It keeps everything nice and tidy in a folder called Multiboot. This makes the USB drive organized and easy to find stuff on. Plus, the best part is that even with all these cool tools on the USB, you can still use it to store your regular files, making it super handy and versatile.

Because YUMI exFAT Crack Download has lots of different things on one portable USB, it’s really useful for people who need different computer tools. Whether you’re fixing your computer, figuring out problems, or just trying out different operating systems, YUMI has you covered. It starts up quickly and smoothly using syslinux and grub, making it easy for anyone to use. So, YUMI is a super cool and organized tool for making special USB sticks that can do a bunch of things, perfect for people who need a handy and portable solution for all kinds of computer stuff.

Download YUMI-exFAT Crack For Windows [All Versions]

Whether you have a new or old computer, YUMI exFAT is ready to work with both modern UEFI and Legacy BIOS boot modes. And guess what? There’s even a special tool included that comes from Ventoy, making this version backward compatible with Ventoy. It’s like having extra features that make things even easier!

Once your USB drive is ready, YUMI exFAT Crack Windows 10 has a user-friendly Installer tool. This tool helps you learn about, find, or download different operating systems and tools that you can put on your USB. The cool part is that the user interface organizes everything neatly and copies each file to the USB for you. This way, it keeps track of your settings in case you want to remove anything later.

YUMI exFAT Crack Windows  7 goes the extra mile by letting you create your folders on the USB. You can simply drag and drop various types of files like ISO, IMG, WIM, VHD(x), and EFI into these folders. During startup, your computer will recognize these files and add them to the list of options. And guess what? Even big files larger than 4GB are totally fine!

YUMI-exFAT Crack + Portable Free Download for Windows

YUMI-exFAT Crack Key Features:

  • YUMI exFAT supports creating Multiboot USB sticks.
  • It works with the exFAT format, allowing storage of files larger than 4GB.
  • Supports both BIOS and USB UEFI boot, making it compatible with various computer systems.
  • Compatible with Ventoy, providing additional flexibility and options for users.
  • Works seamlessly with both modern UEFI and Legacy BIOS boot modes.
  • Includes a USB Boot creation tool derived from Ventoy/Ventoy2Disk, enhancing its capabilities.
  • Offers backward compatibility with Ventoy, allowing users to utilize YUMI exFAT alongside Ventoy.
  • The user interface Installer facilitates the learning, finding, and downloading of distributions and tools for the USB drive.
  • Organizes files in a structured folder system on the USB drive, ensuring a neat and easily navigable layout.
  • Automatically copies each ISO to the drive, simplifying the process for users.
  • Can generate persistent archives and associated .json entries for distributions, allowing up to 10GB of persistent storage for each Ubuntu-based distribution.
  • Users can create custom archive folders on the USB and drag-and-drop ISO, IMG, WIM, VHD(x), and EFI files, providing a high level of customization.
  • During startup, the system adds entries for detected files, enabling easy access to the stored tools and distributions.
  • Supports files larger than 4GB, enhancing flexibility in storing various types of data on the USB drive.

System Requirements:

USB Flash Drive:

  • A USB flash drive with sufficient capacity to store the operating systems, tools, and files you plan to include. Ensure it has enough space for large files, especially if you intend to use the exFAT format.

Computer System:

  • A computer with a USB port for creating the Multiboot USB drive.
  • Compatibility with BIOS or USB UEFI boot modes, depending on your system requirements.

Operating System:

  • YUMI exFAT is generally platform-independent, and it can run on Windows, Linux, or other compatible operating systems. Ensure that the operating system on your computer supports YUMI exFAT.

File Formats:

  • If you plan to include specific file types like ISO, IMG, WIM, VHD(x), or EFI files, make sure these formats are supported by YUMI exFAT.


  • Basic understanding of the operating systems, tools, and utilities you intend to include in the Multiboot USB drive.
  • Familiarity with the process of creating bootable USB drives and navigating the YUMI exFAT user interface.

Ventoy Compatibility (Optional):

  • If you want to leverage the compatibility with Ventoy, make sure your system meets Ventoy’s requirements as well.

Internet Connection (Optional):

  • If you plan to use the YUMI exFAT user interface Installer to download distributions and tools, you’ll need an internet connection during the setup process.

How to Install YUMI-exFAT Crack?

  • First of all, Uninstall the old software with IObit Uninstaller Pro
  • YUMI-exFAT Crack Download Full Version with IDM
  • Disable Windows defender
  • Then, unzip the download file with WinRAR
  • Please install the program but don’t run it
  • Now, copy-paste the crack file to the installation folder
  • Or, use any activation key to activate the YUMI-exFAT Full Crack.
  • Restart your computer
  • All done!


YUMI exFAT Portable is a fantastic tool for making a special USB stick that’s friendly with big files and different types of computers. It’s like a helpful friend that organizes everything for you, making it easy to use and customize your USB with all the tools you need.

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