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Welcome to the Activators4Windows free platform. Today we are going to introduce you to a collection of product keys for Windows 7 All Versions (Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise, Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium). So now it has become very easy to find updated Windows 7 Key for all versions in a single post.

How to Get Windows 7 Serial Key Free 2024 - {100% Working}

Windows 7 Serial Key 2024 Free – {100% Working + Updated}

It will be great stuff for all our users who usually face the problem of all these versions separately. In this post, we offer you Windows 7 Product Keys for both 32-bit and 64-bit. If you want to get the 100% genuine activation then you must try all these Windows 7 Serial Keys / Activation Keys as per your Windows 7-specific version.

Even we have provided a complete Windows 7 activation procedure that how to activate Windows 7 without serial key and where to find it in your system.  We’ll also show you other ways to get a Windows key.

Remember, Microsoft wants you to buy Windows 7 so using a Windows 7 product key is an unofficial method of enjoying this amazing operating system. It’s for those who can’t afford to buy Windows or who just want to try it before they buy it.

However, the Windows 7 serial Key that is given is legitimate and genuine. They are working keys for Windows 732-bit and 64-bit. When you use a Windows 7 product key for 32-bit/64 bit, you are on your own. There is no official Microsoft support for Windows 7. The company ended support for the operating system in 2015. Now the company is only providing support through its extended life cycle support which will end in 2024.

Windows 7 Serial Keys

Most of the users search for a Windows 7 Ultimate serial key. Since this robust and easy-to-use operating system is nearly a decade old now, its keys have become rare. These days, it’s difficult to find a Windows 7 activation key.

Windows 7 Product Key 32 Bit – Updated 2024
















Windows 7 Product Key 64 Bit – Updated 2024

















Unfortunately, some of these keys might have been used already. A lot of users are looking for a Windows 7 key so you might not get a working Windows 7 activation key if you have to come here after other users.

But don’t panic. You can come back another time to get new and updated Windows product keys from this website. We regularly update our database and give you updated and working Windows 7 activation keys when they are available.

Windows 7 Serial Key – Updated 2024

If the Windows 7 product keys above don‘t work for you, we have more working keys below. Try an updated Windows 7 product key from this list.

NOTE: You can try these keys with any version of Windows. Some of them might work for the Ultimate version, while others work for Home and Premium edition as well. If you specifically want Windows 7













Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key for 64-Bit – Updated 2024

Many users are exclusively looking for a Windows 7 activation key for the Ultimate version. The latest working serial numbers for this version of OS are below.





Windows 7 Starter Product Key – Updated 2024





Windows 7 Home Basic Product Key





Windows 7 Home Premium Product Keys – Updated 2024






How to find the Windows 7 Product Key (Updated 2024 ) on your current OS?

When you are already running Windows 7 and it asks you to activate your copy of Windows, you will need to enter the Windows 7 key to do so. To find the key in your current system, follow these easy steps.

How to Get Free Windows 7 Serial Key? for 32bit/64bit 2019 - [Updated]

  1. Find a free Windows 7 product key finder program on the Internet
  2. Download the Windows 7 Ultimate product key 64-bit program
  3. Install the program on your system
  4. Run it and provide it with any permissions and details it asks for to find the Windows 7 Ultimate product key
  5. Finally, the program will give you a Windows 7 Ultimate product key

Can I find a Windows 7 Product Key (Updated 2024) on a Windows DVD/CD?

Unfortunately, you can’t usually find the Windows 7 key on your installation media. A product key is never written or stored on a retail copy of Windows (any version).

However, some users may have a restore Windows disc that might have a Windows 7 Ultimate product key stored on the disc in a file. Unfortunately, this Windows 7 serial key might fail to work as another user may have already used the key. You won’t be able to activate Windows using this Windows 7 key.

Can I use this Windows 7 Key (Updated 2024) to activate Windows on other computers?

If you have used the above method to get a Windows 7 key for your current system, you might be thinking of using it to activate Windows 7 on another computer. That is usually not possible. But it could be done in certain situations.

The catch here is that you can install as many copies of Windows as you want, but you can only activate it on one of those computers.

So if you are looking to give Windows 7 a try, use any key that you find and install the product. It will let you run the OS for a month before asking for activation. Once you receive the prompt to activate your copy of Windows, you won’t be able to use it anymore without activating it first.

Other ways to get a Windows 7 Product Key (Updated 2024)

If you can’t get a working Windows 7 serial key, there are other ways to get a Windows 7 key for FREE. Below, you will learn a few methods that work even though it has been more than a decade since Windows 7 was first released. Give them a try.

Get it pre-installed on a new PC

The easiest way to get Windows 7 today is to buy a new PC with Windows 7 pre-installed on it. You don’t have to set up Windows, install drivers, or look for a Windows 7 serial key with this option. Your system is made to run this version of Windows so it performs optimally.

The only catch with this method is that on new PCs you will only get Windows 7 Professional. They don’t pre-install Windows Home or its other variants anymore.

Buy a used or refurbished PC with Windows 7

Another way to get Windows 7 free without having to grab a serial key from the internet is to buy a used PC with Windows 7 installed on it. You can also look for refurbished PCs that often ship with Windows 7. That way, you won’t need to hunt for a Windows 7 Ultimate product key or Windows 7 serial number.

Downgrade to Windows 7

Another option to get Windows 7 on your PC is to get a PC with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, and then downgrade it to Windows 7.

According to the Windows license agreement, users are entitled to downgrade their operating system to Windows 7 Professional at any time they desire. You don’t need to find a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit product key.

So if your PC came with Windows 8/8.1/10 pre-installed on it, you can downgrade at any time.

No Windows 7 key is needed!

How do I activate Windows 7 without a Serial Key?

Getting the Windows 7 key is only one part of activating Windows 7. Sometimes, you can’t get a working key no matter what you do.

If you are facing this situation, you can easily activate Windows 7 Ultimate without a product key. Here are two easy methods that work without any hassle.

NOTE: You don’t need a working Windows 7 key for these methods to work.

Step 1: Delete the SLUI file to activate Windows 7 without a serial key

  • Go to the Windows folder where you installed Windows 7 (usually on C drive)
  • Now find the System 32 folder and open it
  • Find the ‘slui‘ file in this folder using the search feature in File Manager

How to Get Free Windows 7 Serial Key? for 32bit/64bit 2019 - [Updated]

  • This file stores the Windows 7 key so we need to delete it
  • Now right-click on this file and select Properties
  • A settings window will appear
  • Select the Security tab from above and select Users
  • Now click on the Advanced button

How to Get Free Windows 7 Serial Key? for 32bit/64bit 2019 - [Updated]

  • A new window will appear for Advanced security settings for SLUI
  • Click on the Owner tab and select a user as owner (the current user)
  • Click Apply
  • Close the other windows and go back to the System 32 folder with the SLUI file
  • Right-click on the file and open Properties again
  • Go to the Security tab just like before, select Users, and click the Edit button
  • In the next window, you can edit Permissions for the current user, who is also the system owner now
  • Click on the username and check the box next to Full Control to allow this permission

How to Get Free Windows 7 Serial Key? for 32bit/64bit 2019 - [Updated]

  • 17- Click OK and close any other windows that might be open leaving only the System 32 folder
  • 18- Now click on the SLUI file and press the Delete button on your keyboard to delete this file

Once you have removed this file, follow the second step below to complete this tutorial.

Step 2: Activate using CMD

1- Run CMD as system administrator by typing “CMD” into Windows search

2- In CMD, type the following command
slmgr –rearm

3- Press the Enter key on your keyboard

4- Restart your PC after you get a prompt to do so

How to Get Free Windows 7 Serial Key? for 32bit/64bit 2019 - [Updated]

5- Once your computer restarts, open CMD again and type the following command
slmgr –ato

6- Press the Enter key on your keyboard again

7- Now you will get a message that you have successfully activated Windows 7

This is the easiest method to activate your OS without using a Windows 7 key. Just make sure that you follow each step as explained and you’ll have a genuine Windows by the end of it.

If you can’t bother with so many steps, simply copy a Windows 7 serial key from above and activate your copy of Windows. It’s up to you according to your desire.

How to Get Windows 7 Serial Key Free 2024 - {100% Working}

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Note: In case of any problem regarding to activation or in another case you can contact us via the comment box. Our activators4windows team channel will completely guide you according to your issue.

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