Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key 2019 Free – 100% Working

Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key 2019 Free – 100% Working

Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key – Updated 2019

We are all knows that Windows 7 is one of the most using Windows OS across the world due to its user friendly mechanism. It’s a huge collection of competitive advantages which are most probably liked by the Windows 7 users. So when you have installed the Microsoft Windows 7 on your computer, then on that time you must need to arrange the Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key to complete the Windows 7 activation process. Here we offer you free list of product key. So let’s come on the detail of this post in bellow.

Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key 2019 Free - 100% Working

Windows 7 was released in 2009, and till then it has been the most used windows 7 version ever. Windows 7 has five versions that is listed for the users to sell. All of these versions for Windows 7 need product key in order to get activated and work to its full swing.

Windows 7 Home Premium:

Windows 7 Home Premium is one of the basic version for this windows. However, there is not much difference in windows 7 home version as compared to other versions of Windows 7, still, we would say that Microsoft launched this version of Windows 7 for the basic home uses only. In my personal opinion, this version of Windows 7 s best for the home uses. This will serve every need of the computer and its features that you need in your home.

Windows 7 home premium download, is readily available from Microsoft website and you can download the Windows 7 and also purchase the Windows 7 Home Premium Product key. Windows 7 home is the nice edition for the basic uses of Windows 7 interface.

What is Windows 7 Home Premium Product key?

Talking about the windows 7 home product key, then this is the 25 digit windows key that comes in the combination of 5×5 codes format


These Windows 7 Home activation keys that are listed on this page are completely free. These are the free and shared windows 7 key that basically is shared keys for windows 7 promotions. We have here shared these keys for the student purposes only. We here completely recommend you o purchase the genuine windows 7 home premium product key, but if you are a student and cannot pay the amount of purchasing the windows key, then you can use these keys.

These windows product keys here are completely free and regularly updated.

Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key

These are the following few working windows 7 home premium product keys.

windows 7 home premium 32 bit Product Key 6BY96-R26JV-2RPYQ-JG82J-KBMVH TDYPW-9HFRT-KTCK4-WH9MV-D8VWQ
windows 7 home premium 64 bit Product Key 4GFFM-8YYJJ-D96CQ-878K9-H3CDR THY8B-98HJ7-3GMMJ-HYR3F-MWTV6
windows 7 home premium Product Key MDC8F-2WGB4-MBV2Q-43Y2W-T9PT6 2RT97-2W2PJ-9479T-QDTHH-M22RF
windows 7 home premium Product Key 373MK-87WF8-JD6XM-6HQRC-JPMP6 CTPDJ-2GG88-H9PMM-WGYXJ-37FFW
windows 7 home Product key MHHK6-24TM4-C2QHT-WW6Y2-QYQCD BDXQC-J343X-FT3VY-TRRMH-6DBXW

Windows 7 without Product Key

You can download windows 7 download without product key, but then you get the free trial for the 30 days, after that your windows copy start giving he annoying “Activate Windows 7 Now” message again and again. not only that moreover, when you move out of your windows 7 trial period, then you will be searching for the windows 7 product keys.

When you opt to purchase windows 7 home premium 32 bit or 64 bit, then you get the genuine windows 7 home premium activation key with your purchase.

Where I can get Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key?

There are many ways by which you can get the working windows 7 home product keys for you. These are the following listed ways by which you can find the Windows 7 Activation key for your version of windows.

  • You can get the working windows 7 home premium key on our website. These keys listed here are completely free to use and are updated regularly.
  • When you Purchase the Windows 7, from Microsoft official website, then you get the Windows 7 Home Product key by email sent from the Microsoft itself.
  • When you Purchase Windows 7 home premium, from retailer or reseller, then you can get the working product key inside the box in which you have your DVD or cd drive containing the Windows 7 Home Premium ISO file for installation.
  • If you fall to purchase windows 7 from any other sources, then also there is nothing to be worried off, as there is also the option of telephonic verification of Windows 7 Key to license windows 7 home premium. In order to seek the telephonic verification for the windows 7, you need to call the customer care for Microsoft, and then manually speak up or dial the ID number of your copy of Windows 7 Home.
  • Mostly when you opt to purchase the computer then windows comes installed. However, at that time you also have the choice where you can easily make the windows copy preinstalled on your computer. This Preinstalled copy of windows 7 home premium will be activated and you will not need the windows product key anymore.
  • You can Purchase the refurbished laptop of desktop, which has the Windows 7 Home Premium Version installed on your computer. In such cases, you can grab the Windows 7 Product key for your system properties and save it somewhere. So that you can also use the key in future and this will be your personal Windows 7 Product key.
  • You can also search for the promotional offers or the giveaway offers for the windows home activation key, by this way you can get the free windows 7 home product key or also you can get heavy discounts on purchase of windows 7 home premium product key.

These are some of the main methods by which you can make your windows 7 activated and working to its full features. These are the only method that can activate your windows 7.

Download Windows 7 Home Premium

You can simply download windows 7 home premium from the official Microsoft website. At this time you don’t need to make any payment of anything else. you can simply choose your preferences and then can download the desired version of windows from it. This is absolutely free to do a thing. You get the free trial for thirty days and then your computer will start asking you for windows product keys.

There are man third sources also that can give you the windows 7 with working windows 7 serial key, Still, we will say that do not rely on any other source than Microsoft itself. There are many reported cases where a person has paid for the windows 7 original with genuine product keys, still, they get the fake windows to copy with fake windows keys.

You can download and the easy install windows 7 home premium oa from these above links. These links are recently updated and these can get you to your desired download for windows 7 version. After you have downloaded the Windows 7 Home Premium or any other version you can simply install the windows to your OS, and then further you can activate your windows simply by using the genuine Windows 7 Home Premium Activation License Keys.

How to Activate Windows 7 Home Premium?

When you buy a copy of Windows 7 in a shrink-wrapped box, you’re allowed to install it. To ensure that you stick to that guideline, you’re required to activate Windows 7 within 30 days of installation. Follow the steps below and activate your windows now:

  • Click Start
  • Type activate in the search box.
  • Click Activate Windows in the results list.
  • You can also begin the activation process by clicking the Activate Now pop-up in the notification area of the taskbar.
  • When prompted, type the unique 25-character product key,
  • After you send your activation key, the Windows 7 Product Activation program examines your PC and then mixes up the serial numbers with the product key to come up with a unique 50 characters installation ID. It then checks with Microsoft to see if anyone else has tried to activate that same copy of Windows 7.
  • If there are no conflicts, Microsoft sends back a 42-character confirmation ID and stores both numbers on your PC.

If your product key has already been used, Microsoft will give you a message saying that you’ve exceeded the number of activation’s allowed for that key. You’re asked to enter a different product key and then click Retry.

Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key 2019 Free - 100% Working

TRY NOW: Fed up with the windows 7 versions, well now you can upgrade your windows to windows 10. All you need is to install Windows 10, using the Microsoft upgrade center. In case you feel any difficulty or any problem, please contact us or comment in the box below.

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Note : In case of any problem regarding to activation or in other case you can contact us via comment box. Our activators4windows team channel will completely guide you according to your issue.

Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key 2019 Free – 100% Working

Windows 7 Serial Key for 32 – 64 Bit 2019 – Free Win 7 Activation

Hi friends today we published this article with the subject of Windows 7 Serial Key or product key which is 100% genuine Key and totally free for your windows 7. On this page you will find full updated and genuine windows 7 key to activate your operating system permanently.

Windows 7 keys are fully updated and supported for windows 7 32 Bit and 64 Bit. Serial Key plays very important role for any operating system because this is the only way to activate the windows. That’s why we have provided updated serial key 2018 with easy instructions for activation. Even we will offer you more than one ways to avail the free serial key in this article. So stay connected with us and read our whole post with full consideration.

Windows 7 Serial Key for 32 - 64 Bit 2019 - Free Win 7 Activation

Important Note: You have to keep in your mind that Microsoft wants you to buy windows 7 but before using windows 7 you have to arrange Windows 7 product key. So there are two options to get the product keys, The first option is “buy from the Office Microsoft site”, the second option is “get the from our this article”. Our provided Keys are 100% working as per your demand. Most of the Windows users can’t afford to buy windows and who are trying to get the free source for fulfill their requirements.

Windows 7 Serial Keys – Updated 2018

Most of the WIN 7 users try to find a Windows 7 Ultimate Serial Key. But due to friendly and easy operating system, ultimate source has become old. So, now day’s there is hard to find a windows 7 activation key

Windows 7 Product Key 32 Bit – Updated 2018
















Windows 7 Product Key 64 Bit – Updated 2018

















 Windows 7 Serial Key – Updated 2018

If you are failed to utilize the above working keys, then don’t panic, we have more working keys below. So you have to just try this below list.

Note: The good thing is that you can apply these updated keys with any version of windows. Even some keys might work on ultimate version and other remaining keys are usable for Home and Premium editions as well.













Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Product Key – Updated 2018

Most of the windows users are trying to looking for Windows 7 Activation key for ultimate version. The list of working Serial Numbers is given below for its OS version.





Windows 7 Starter Product Key





 Windows 7 Professional Product Key

 Windows 7 Home Basic Product Key





Windows 7 Home Premium Product Keys






Windows 7 Serial Key for 32 - 64 Bit 2019 - Free Win 7 Activation

How to Find the Windows 7 Product Key on your Current OS?

If you are already using windows 7 and it asks you to activate your copy of windows, then it will demand windows 7 key on required place in order to do so. Further, in order to find the key in your operating system, its easy instructions are here below by steps wise.

  • First of all find a free source of windows 7 product key on internet.
  • Download the windows 7 Ultimate Product Key 64 Bit
  • Then install this version in your OS
  • Now run it.
  • Give the required data if system asks
  • At the end, you will find a Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key